A Set Of Copper Accessories For a Small Publishing House

A small Dutch publishing house called "De Roodkoperen Knoop" (The Copper Button) asked me to produce a real life set of copper buttons and other accessories.

I made a tie pin, a lapel pin and a button. All have the same R as a logo, and all are made of copper (of course).

Design is etched electrolitically


Ex Libris Design On A Steel Tea Warmer

Materials: steel, partly blued

For a very special client, namely my mother, I found a way to incorporate my deceased fathers ex libris in a tea warmer.

I produced several items to distribute amongst family and friends.

The ex libris is the figure of a cock laying an egg. The text on the tea warmer rim is: Semper Provo.

This sums up my father perfectly.


Uruk-hai Armour

Earlier this year I produced an Uruk-hai fantasy armour, based on "Lord of the Rings" designs.

Material: 1.5 mm iron sheet, blackened with burnt linseed oil

Linseed oil blackening is a very old method. It was used in the 16th century to give armour that classical "Black and White" look, and to prevent corroding of course.


Fibula Brooches In Warhammer 40K Style

Lately, I've been playing Warhammer 40K. This is a table top wargame, played with 1 inch size figures, mostly phantasy and sci-fi.

The world these figures live in, is dead crazy. I wanted to portray this in a few fibula brooches I designed for various groups.

Below is a fibula brooch befitting of the Ork race of warmongers:

Warhammer Ork Fibula Brooch

Materials: Brass, bronze, steel

The chainsaw sword this Ork is holding, was the inspiration for my next fibula:

Ork Chainsaw Fibula Brooch

Ork Chainsaw Fibula Brooch

Materials: Brass, alpaca, steel, ceramic stones

Last but not least, I designed a Longbeards fibula brooch for a friend who is into the Warhammer Dwarf race:
Fibula Brooch Dwarf
Ferrichloride etching in brass, electrolytic etching in aluminium