Fibula Brooches In All Shapes And Forms

I've been playing around with designs for fibula brooches.

Brass and alpaca




Items For Dutch Natuurmonumenten Treasure Hunt

In Utrecht, Natuurmonumenten has set out a fun treasure hunt for children and adults, using historical replicas set in concrete for educational purposes.

I made a large steel fibula brooch with sturdy hooks.

They also requested a few replicas of the Trien coin (originally 1.5 cm diameter, in gold)

I enlarged the coin greatly, then etched the design with salt water. Added a few hooks on the back (not visible here).

Steel coins, 6.5 cm diameter


You've Got Mail!

I designed this steel mailbox for a client who often is abroad for months on end. She wanted her mail to be safe!

Minimalistic design

The nut fits the clasp, then a padlock is passed through.


Simple Yet Clever Can Recycling For Lamp Design

Recently, I've been designing lamps with low-tech solutions, such as this one.

Basically, it's a can, a low-energy light bulb and a fitting.

What's not to love?


The God Particle Sculpture Exhibited At Het Vierkante Ei

Tomorrow, February 26th, my sculpture The God Particle (an impression of the Higgs Boson), will be on show in the first regional round for Dutch amateur art award Het Vierkante Ei


Brass Buckle For A Norman Scabbard

A re-enactor I know was very eager for a scabbard for his Norman sword. I made him this buckle for his birthday. Afterwards, he ordered the accompanying belt, scabbard and other metalwork.

Material: brass

The crossed fingers are symbols of friendship and trust


A Desk Lamp In Copper And Steel

Historical reproductions are fun, but it is also nice to try and incorporate the techniques I've learnt in modern designs, for instance in a lamp.

This lamp here has a blackened steel base and a copper patine shade. I've added a halogenic fitting and tin-plated the inside of the shade for warmer light.