Renaissance man embodies "low-tech meets high-tech"

Duco de Klonia



Howdy! My name is Duco de Klonia. I'm a 50 year old tech guru from the Netherlands.

Computer service engineer, systems administrator, re-enactor (Napoleonic, Middle Ages, Viking), armourer, metalsmith, founder and moulder, Warhammer solutions provider, innovator, 3d printing specialist.

One man. One life. Filled to the brim with historical and technical expertise.

I love providing people with solutions to their problems. Not a day goes by that I do not fix something, using the skills and tools I've spent decades collecting, combining for the best possible result.

My life-long passion for history leads me to investigate ways to integrate smart low-tech solutions from the past with the latest in high-tech solutions.

Over the last couple of months, I've immerged myself in studies of laser cutters, 3d printers and other equipment I operate as member of the Groningen (NL)-based FabLab team.

I'm now fully versed in SketchUp, AutoDesk Inventor and other scan and 3d software programs.

When 3d printing in plastic falls short (it's a promising solution, but not everything is possible yet), I come up with solutions in metal. I can cast objects in aluminium that will fit any specification.