Fibula Brooches In Warhammer 40K Style

Lately, I've been playing Warhammer 40K. This is a table top wargame, played with 1 inch size figures, mostly phantasy and sci-fi.

The world these figures live in, is dead crazy. I wanted to portray this in a few fibula brooches I designed for various groups.

Below is a fibula brooch befitting of the Ork race of warmongers:

Warhammer Ork Fibula Brooch

Materials: Brass, bronze, steel

The chainsaw sword this Ork is holding, was the inspiration for my next fibula:

Ork Chainsaw Fibula Brooch

Ork Chainsaw Fibula Brooch

Materials: Brass, alpaca, steel, ceramic stones

Last but not least, I designed a Longbeards fibula brooch for a friend who is into the Warhammer Dwarf race:
Fibula Brooch Dwarf
Ferrichloride etching in brass, electrolytic etching in aluminium