Lasercut Paint Station

Lasercut MDF 6mm + 4mm Paint Station for scale modellers & wargamers

Last week I made a present for my son for his 11th birthday. He is a capable miniature wargame painter (actually, better then me at the same age...)

I did the drawing in Corel X4, because I planned on using a TroTec Speedy 300 laser cutter. This machine communicates best with Corel.

All the curved slots were designed to store the standard Citadel (Games Workshop) paint pots, but can also hold other 35 mm (or smaller) base paint systems.

The big holes are for storing various containers or pots, the small holes for brushes and the other??? We'll find out.

The small holes on the vertical sides are intended for future use, like screwing on "devices" like magnifying glasses, lamps or whatever...

The sides were also engraved with "Orky stuff" and some Warhammer universe icons.

Everything was connected using droplets of white glue plus droplets of superglue (gel).

Want one? Please contact me and you can be the proud owner of one of those stations for €45,00 (MDF), P&P excluded.

The flat package

Below a few pictures: before and after the paint station...

 Before the Paint Station: it's a mess, really
After the Paint Station: all neat and ready to go!


1001 Uses For My 3D Printer

Welcome to the first custom video on this Blog.

Everyone is talking about the 3D printer nowadays, but I've got one.
It still needs a bit more adustment, but it does the job!

Here's a time-lapse video on designing a replacement part for a broken lamp fitting for a customer.