BitMe - Ork bit me - serious! After Stan Laurel

Ouch, an Ork Warboss bit me
Plastic figures are dangerous


What happened?

Since I worked for years with metal, I'm used to getting wounded now and then...
But not like this...

Ok, I got the great idea to convert a Ork Warboss ( the Black Reach one)  into a so-called "Big Mek"
That's a tech-guy....

I had to rip off his original head, and it had real sharp teeth!

A dog BITME - b - i  - t - m - e  BITME!
Immediately Stan Laurel's  "BitMe" phone call sprung to mind.
He told Oliver Hardy:  "Yesterday a dog BitMe" 
See the short clip from "Helpmates" 

Below some the Bad Ork and the proposed new head configuration.

Sharp teeth!
The new Mekboy head

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