Two Pendants And A Ring

Moai, hanger zilver, Terra-Arte productions pendant
Moai pendant, 1 inch tall, burnt silver

This Easter Island statue consists of two layers sheet silver. I heated the layers for a melted effect. Had to be careful not to overdo it.

The resulting stone effect appealed to me. I did grate the edges for more of a 3D effect.

Alpaca, new-silver pendant terra-Arte productions
Edo Pendant - stones set in new silver (alpaca)

Another product I designed recently, was the above pendant, cut out of alpaca sheet. It's kind of a planetarium. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could cut lines so that the stones seemed to float a bit.

I think I managed that quite well. I added a rivet with a little adjustment cut to the top and a hole for the pendant chain.

Viking knot-ring replica Terra-Arte productions
Viking ring in brass and alpaca

The other day, I was reading about superb weekend findings by amateur archaeologists in the Dutch "Detector Magazine". Usually, they wander about in drizzle on muddy fields, only to find drink caps and rusty nails. And wouldn't you know: when they've had it and decide to give their precious Bounty Hunter LandStar one last try, they find a humble clump and this turns out to be the find of the century. Hundreds of gold coins in a pot, or a Viking knot ring in gold!

These are very inspirational finds. I often reproduce the designs, like this ring above. I used brass and alpaca, as real silver or gold are too expensive for such an experiment.

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